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Dancing in the Rain

Bizarre this painting from back in 2016 seems remarkably pertinent again.

Once such best comrades- alas now seem destined to go very different ways...

Originally this piece captured some of that self depreciating optimism that is part of the Scottish phyche. 

I think time will permit, perhaps, some very different interpretations!

2018   Trump Druck   1168x1524mm

2020   Daffy Trump   1168x1524mm

US Election Special - Trump Images!

To mark the 59th US presidential election limited edition numbered and signed giclee prints of 'Trump Druck' and 'DaffyTrump' are available to purchase.  Please visit the shop to see available options.

_6359@0.1_300   2014-15 P1_Blue Tits and Angry Birds_1750x1650_WEB
_6309@0.1_300   2015-15-P1_Murdogged_1350x1400_WEB
_6296@0.1_300   2012-14-P1_Wanker-Banker_2300x1800_WEB
_6563@0.1_300   2018-19 P2_The Raft of the Virtuous Signalers_1370x183
_6474@0.2_300   2015-15 P2_Murdogged Study_605x760_WEB
_6375@0.1_300   2013-14-P1_Tony-and-Cherie_1525x1675_WEB
_6284@0.1_300   2017-17-P1_Fungus-Paper_1425x1675_WEB
_6334@0.1_300   2016-16-P1_Dancing-In-the-Rain_1375x1525_WEB
_6263@0.1_300   2016-16-P2_Constitutional-Crisis_1275x1375_WEB
_6309@0.1_300   2015-15-P1_Murdogged_1350x1400_WEB
_6477@0.2_300   2015-16 P4_WC Self Portrait II_610x865_WEB
_6525@0.4_300   2017-17-P2_KJ-Mickey_350x495_WEB
_6451@0.2_300   2015-16 P3_WC Self Portrait I_610x865_WEB
_6491@0.3_300   2012-15 P2_Self Portrait 3_510x610_WEB
_6406@0.2_300   2011-12-P4_Poodle-Blair_940x1140_WEB

K. Bumbag

K. Bumbag is a UK based artist whose work is a mixture of introspective self-portraits and expansive wallpapers that chart, document and satirise the changing geopolitical landscape around us. From a dream like soup of the conscious subconscious nothing- what is not yet determined, morphs from what was not, to what is.   

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